Friday, 12 June 2009

Catching Up in Venice

Hi all.  Sorry for the lull in postings but the little bed and breakfast in Tuscany lacked Internet service.  It was a great old house but without a car we couldn't see much.  Wednesday we walked for more than three hours, 7 km, all downhill.  Although we loved the sights, my body said enough.  

We arrived in Venice last night after a brief stop in Florence to see Michelangelo's, "David."  We were unprepared for the beauty and magnitude of this work.  He was huge and amazingly detailed.  Without exaggeration, every other sculpture we've ever seen pales greatly in comparison.  On most of our trips I've been struck by the awesomeness of our God.  This trip, seeing all the beautiful art,  architecture, and creativity, I am struck by the talent and ability of his creation, man. 

Today we set out to explore the beautiful, romantic city of Venice.  Pray for me.  My husband thinks he's Italian - mispronouncing Italian words with an accent, ordering his food in courses, waving his hands when he talks (wait... he already did that).  It's going to be a long day.


Buonjourno, my friends,

I have loved Italy. We have not had TV or Internet for 4 days and its been wonderful and relaxing. I am ready to head back to work. (i know the thought of me rested frightens some of you including my wife sitting beside but get ready) Mission year folks with no TV and limited Internet, I don't know why they complain? It's great!  We have been walking everywhere which has been just awesome, even with Donna's complaints.  I have been the photographer and did not load pictures on the computer yet. Donna is complaining about me being behind at this moment. I will get them done today. 

I can't say enough about The statue of "David". I was not prepared and it just blew me away. The detail, size, leaves you standing there just gawking, which is what most people are doing- just standing there taking it in.  

We are in Venice now and there are no streets just water and its beautiful. Donna has no choice but to walk or i suppose we could swim where we need to go as well.  We have been in debate about whether France or Italy was better and of course in Barber fashion i think Italy and Donna France, 24 years of this. Please pray for me.  I try.



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