Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Parlez-vous francais?

We arrived in London Tuesday afternoon and quickly jumped on trains to central London from Heathrow airport. It was pretty easy to get around on the train. At about 330 we boarded a train for France. The country side on the ride was amazing with beautiful green rolling hills and farmhouses.  (more inspiration for my farm)

We arrived in France in the afternoon and it seems like we have been answering the question do you speak french a lot. We had dinner at a nice little french restaurant where the waiter asked where we were from and when we said the US he said I don't speak great English but I know Barack Obama. We talked a bit about Obama being a brave man to close Guantanamo bay, and as we closed our conversation he said. God Bless Barack Obama.  


Our first morning in Paris and we were already late.  We booked a motor bike tour for 9:30 am (what were we thinking???!).  The ringing hotel phone woke us abruptly from a great sleep.  It was the hotel receptionist inquiring about our tour reservations.  "What time is it?" I asked.  "9:10." she replied.  We scurried out of bed, knowing all the while we would never make it since the tour began a 10 minute train ride away.  

Once dressed, I looked at my watch.  The display read 8:34.  I asked Leroy what time he had and his watch read the same.  With some humor, we realized we had spent yesterday, our first day in Paris, an hour behind, unaware of the time change when we traveled from the UK to France.  Other blunders...paying for a local train but getting on the express (they let us stay on the train anyway :-) ), taking our room key when we were supposed to leave it at the desk.  What do we know?  We're Americans.


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  1. YAY for international traveling. I'm looking forward to reading your updates! - Priya (the Seattle one)