Saturday, 6 June 2009



Day three in Paris was a slower one Donna needed to sleep in because of our walking and 4 hour bike tour yesterday that was amazing. We got to see a lot of Paris.  Bikes and scooters are a part of life here. We biked through the crowded streets for hours and the tour guide seemed amazingly comfortable with the cars and traffic. There were no helmets either. You can rent a bike anywhere in the city and it does not seem odd to drivers.

This is an amazing place and looks just liked it is portrayed in movies’ and books., Small streets, sidewalk café’s, small cars, and great French bakeries everywhere. The open-air market was really cool. I hope our market in South Atlanta can have the same community feel.

I am struck by the history here as well, we went to the champ-elysees which is what the Ben Franklin parkway in Philly is modeled after it was a bit eerie to see how much it looks like the parkway in Philly where I have watched fireworks on the 4th of July many years. This is a lot older than the parkway, and the pictures of Ben Franklin create a different perspective on him, to know he was duplicating what was a piece of home to him in a new place called Philadelphia changes things just a bit.

Then there was the monument that looks exactly like the Washington monument that leads to a walk past a reflecting pool up to the Louvre which is where the King’s of France lived, also looks exactly like the Washington monument and walk to the Capital, also not original. This doesn’t take anything away from those things just let’s me know that even the great US has a foundation from which it came like all of us, although we don’t like to admit it; where we come from plays a huge role in our lives everyday.

The Eiffel tower sits as this overwhelming structure in the midst of the city. The elevator up to the top is worth the price alone. Then there is the view of Paris that just gives you goose bumps. It made me feel really small. Donna says it helps me to know I can’t really take over the world, perhaps but I sure felt like I was on top of it from there.

The place of the day had to be Note Dame. It was incredible to stand in front of this massive Church and almost feel the history touch your soul. Its presence alone was enough to take your breath away. The idea of presence takes on new meaning when you look at this Church. It has stood in this place as a refuge for centuries. The massive wooden doors give the sense of safety. I can see why people ran here for protection. The parish of Notre Dame is quite visible and a major part of the history and community of this city.  I know we are not into buildings, but you can feel the power of this place by just standing in front of it.

Well we are off to Italy. Au revoir.

The King (leroy means king in french) please refer to me this way from now on.

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  1. The king? Maybe the wannabe... Glad you're having so much fun. -priya