Sunday, 7 June 2009

Hiking and Dreaming

Saturday we decided to walk our way through Cinque Terre, which is 5 cities all within a few miles tucked into the mountains along Italy’s coast. The scenery is amazing. There is a path that leads to all 5 complete with murals (although not as good as the Sweet South Atlanta mural but they were ok) We started in Riomaggiore walked through Manarola and ended up a few hours later in Corniglia. Once we got to Corniglia we decided to call it quits and hopped on the train back to Monterossa.  These cities are small yet full of beauty, and culture.  We watched children playing soccer, women working in small shops, and men in the Barber shop all nestled into small winding streets with clothes hanging out to dry from the porches of most homes. It’s like beauty and simplicity are tied together here in a wonderfully creative way that leads one to dream. You almost lose track of time except it were for the wonderful chimes reminding you that the day is moving along as they ring each hour from the clock towers in each city.

Leroy (the King)  


Of course, as we hiked along the footpath between the villages of Cinque Terre, Leroy got to dreaming.  At one point, upon noticing the vineyards planted up the side of the mountain, there was the epiphany that we could plant grape vines in the south Atlanta community garden and produce our own neighborhood wine.  I insisted that it was improbable since none of us know anything about planting or caring for vineyards.  As usual he failed to see any problem with his idea and was certain that it could be done.  Personally, I don’t think a vineyard the size of our small plot could produce enough grapes for even a good glass of wine.  But, again, what do I know?


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